February 08, 2006

the Jyllands-Posten cartoons

The details are finally coming out about the Jyllands-Posten cartoons.

Some fundimetalist Muslim Imams decide to stir up hatred, using the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. However they where not alarming enough so they make some up which can be perceived as more offensive, including a picture of a french comic dressed as a pig which had nothing to do with Islam what so ever. However the Danes do not, as had been expected, cave in over this artificial outrage and things spiral way beyond what had been expected. I doubt that the idiots ever thought that the Danes would not cave in. They just wanted to produce the correct mood music, expecting it all to settle down once an abject appology had been issued and a bit more self-censorship imposed.

Unfortunately they had shown the wind, now it was time to reap the wirl wind. Five dead. Embasies burned down. One British protestor back in prison, he had been out on licence having served haft his sentence as drug dealer, as a scape goat for protesting in a stupid costume. The reputation of Islam once again tarnished as a bunch of raving lunitics unable to take any critisim what so ever. They even get themselves exposed for stiring hatred in the national newspapers, and there is no way that was part of the original plan.

So fundimentalist Muslims picked a fight. They lost. Their backup got out of control, and ended in self destructive riots. The West did not start this, Islamofascism did. The West has no blame for it, quite frankly if a bully ends up getting hurt when their victim decides to stand up to them the entire fault lies with the bully.


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